About us

Our Vision

Buy My Weed Direct was started with a purpose. To provide the everyday Medical Cannabis consumer access to the best Mail Order Marijuana in the Canada.

As longtime medical users ourselves, we started to hear the grumbles within the community. There seemed to be a general consensus; that the Mail Order (medical) Marijuana companies currently operating were oftentimes supplying subpar quality products with a lack of customer service.

Thus, Buy My Weed Direct was born.

We pride ourselves on offering the best products, at the best prices available. If we wouldn’t consume them ourselves, you won’t find them on our site.

Unfortunately, the profit is seemingly the bottomline for the majority of Mail Order services online. At Buy My Weed Direct, we are here to prove our dedication to your medication!

Why Order From Us?

At Buy My Weed Direct we cultivate close to 90% of the flower featured on our site. The rest of our products are locally sourced and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality product.

Buy My Weed Direct finds it niche through it’s extensive suppliers and growing facilities; whereas other Mail Order Marijuana company’s pay high premiums. We are committed to offering a wide variety of products, at the most reasonable price available.

With a history that’s deep rooted in the British Columbia cannabis community, we not only strive for excellence in our products, but also excellence in your ordering experience. We offer customer satisfaction guaranteed. Not happy? Let us know. We’re here to serve you guys at the end of the day!