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Buy My Weed Direct is dedicated to our customers satisfaction. Please feel free to ask any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Free Shipping Threshold?

Free Shipping at BuyMyWeedDirect is only over $100.

How do Weedbucks work?

Weedbucks is the points system we use here at BMWD! There are quite a few ways to earn Weedbucks, including onsite reviews and simply signing up! We also offer Weedbucks for off-site reviews, send us a screenshot of your Reddit, or Instagram reviews and receive up to 200 Weedbucks! When you are checking out the amount of Weedbucks you would need to place your order will appear in red, directly below this in black is how many Weedbucks you currently have; if you have enough Weedbucks to place the order an option to pay with Weedbucks will be available. Currently 10 Weedbucks = $1CAN.

How long until my E-transfer is accepted?

During the weekdays we accept E-transfers around 12:00 noon PST. If you place your order in the afternoon your E-transfer will most likely not be accepted until the next day; note that are cutoff for shipping is earlier around 9:00am. We also do not accept E-transfers on the weekends, if you place an order on Saturday or Sunday, it will not be accepted until Monday.

How long until my Cannabis arrives?

Place an order and we will ship it the next business day. Note that if you place an order and do not pay right away this may not be the case. We really appreciate it if you pay right after placing your order. Shipping BC-Ontario normally takes 2 business days where further east may take up to 3 days. Note that our Friday shipping cutoff is Thursday evening since the package will not leave the Post Office if we drop it off late Friday.

How long until my Tracking Number works?

Your tracking number will e-mailed to you as we complete packaging your order. There may be up to a 12 hour time period where the tracking number is inactive, in rare cases we have seen up to 24 hours. If your tracking number still does not work after 24 hours please contact us below and we will be sure to sort the issue out.

SMS: 1 236 886 7993