THC Diamonds – Original Haze 1g

THC Diamonds – Original Haze 1g

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THC diamonds are cultivated through live extraction of flowers and left saturated for up to 3-months, slowly growing gorgeous 100% pure THC diamonds. These Diamonds have a little bit of terpenes left in the jar to ensure maximum flavours and enjoyableness. No brand is associated with these diamonds hence the low cost! They are just as good or better than anything else on the market, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

1 review for THC Diamonds – Original Haze 1g

  1. Fave (verified owner)

    Sorte : Orginal Haze

    Variété : Live Diamonds

    Aspect : Or 24K translucide un peut de sauce et le reste en belle roche

    Odeur : agrume avec une touche indéfini ( très bon)

    Gout : Agrume avec touche sucré excellent

    Buzz : Micte entre sativa et indica

    Note :10/10

    Commentaire : variété très savoureuse

    Je recommande cette variété pour les gens qui ont besoin de décroché apres une dur semaine et qui aime les terpènes


    Sort: Orginal Haze

    Variety: Live Diamonds

    Appearance: Translucent 24K gold a can of sauce and the rest in beautiful rock

    Smell: citrus with an indefinite touch (very good)

    Taste: Citrus with an excellent sweet touch

    Buzz: Mickey between sativa and indica

    Rating: 10/10

    Comment: very tasty variety

    I recommend this variety for people who need a break after a hard week and who likes terpenes

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